Free webinar: Why PLM often fails to reach its potential

Many companies have invested considerable time and money in PLM. In our experience many of these initiatives fail to fulfill the vision and potential. Why is that? In this webinar, Tore Brathaug will highlight some of the main reasons for failures in PLM-projects and how they can be avoided.

What are the typical circumstances we have observed in the failure cases? Maybe you recognize some of them in your organization? What is there to learn from the failures, and how can this be turned in to success critera?

Tore Brathaug is the CEO and founder of Infuseit. He has 18 years of experience from Product-, Plant- and Building Lifecycle Management. Having  worked as a project manager and solution architect in many of the most demanding Product Lifecycle Management projects in the Nordics, Tore has developed a great insight to all phases of a PLM-initiative, all the way from strategy and concept study to deployment. 

In this webinar, he will share some thoughts on how common mistakes can be avoided. Take this opportunity to get good advice from a PLM expert and reduce the risk in your own PLM-project.

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