Free webinar: PLM for the oil & gas industry

Can PLM, developed for the traditional manufacturing industry, be applied to project-focused industries like the oil & gas industry? We think so. We believe PLM can play a significant role in this industry and add real value. In this webinar Bjørn Fidjeland will share his thoughts on what PLM can do for the oil & gas industry, which PLM principles that can be applied, typical information flow through the EPC value chain, and a real life example from an EPC using PLM as the information backbone.

Using a PLM system can give a lot of benefits over the traditional way of doing plant design projects, where information and experience tend to be locked in different information repositories and systems in each project. Each project has its own IT infrastructure and setup of tools, and it becomes very hard to reuse knowledge, processes and parts of the design from one project to the next. 

What PLM systems are really good at is creating a globally accessible information backbone, connect this information to processes and connect the processes to people to ensure that the right information is there at the right time so that people can take decisions based on the latest approved “version of the truth”.

If all design information was in a PLM system, one could consolidate all the plant design disciplines, connect the design information as deliverables in the project plan and monitor the projects progress in real-time.  Change management processes could be enforced, design templates could be used, partial designs could be copied from one project to another, and equipment requirements could be selected from a catalog and all of it across projects. These are just a few of the benefits that could be harvested.

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