Stockholm 2015

Niko Salonen

Niko Salonen has over 14 years’ experience of different engineering and data management systems, especially design, configuration and product management systems in Rolls-Royce Marine. He worked almost 10 years as systems manager in product management organisation and now over 4 years as PLM architect in central marine PLM organisation. His responsibilities have been management, development and deployment, starting from business requirement capture through feasibility and tool selection to process development and future improvements. Mr Niko Salonen is preparing PhD thesis in area of data modelling and marine classification society management in Rolls-Royce Marine.

Presentation topic: 

Positioning of PLM in a mixed ETO and CTO environment

PLM is traditionally for high investment and high resource serial manufacturing in aerospace and automotive industries. How does PLM fit in a more project oriented world? Rolls-Royce Marine is more a Configure To Order and Engineering To Order type of company. How has this affected how Rolls-Royce Marine has approached PLM? How is PLM positioned to facilitate this type of industry?

About Rolls-Royce Marine:

Rolls-Royce has a world-leading range of capabilities in the marine market, encompassing the design, supply and support of power and propulsion systems. We are leaders in the integration of technologically complex systems for offshore oil and gas, merchant and naval surface and submarine vessels. Comprehensive through life support for our customers is provided through an expanding global network of service facilities.