Popular PLM seminar in Stockholm

The seminar "Positioning PLM in the enterprise", arranged by Infuseit at Arlanda March 26th, attracted nearly 40 PLM professionals from 20 different companies. While the majority of the participants were from the Stockholm, several attendees chose to fly in from other parts of Sweden as well as Norway and Finland.

What should the role of PLM be in a company, and what can you expect from it? Where and how is PLM placed in the application landscape? Should it be used only by the engineering department, or should it also over the extended enterprise as well? How does PLM fit in the enterprise architecture? How should PLM interact with other systems?

These and many other questions were discussed during the seminar.

Jenny Knejp from TUI, Albina Ulvegren from Scania, Robert Ryman from Assa Abloy and Niko Salonen from Rolls-Royce Marine all shared their knowledge and experiences with us. 

The next seminar will be in Oslo in November 2015.