Oslo 2015

Feedback from Survey

Based on the input from a survey among PLM-professionals in the Nordics, we are now in progress of defining the agenda for the next Infuseit PLM-seminar, which will take place at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, November 26th. The topic that most of the 62 respondents voted for was "Product Configuration and Variant Management".

The seminar at Gardermoen will focus on various aspects of this topic, bringing in experiences from several companies that are working in this domain. Our aim is to create a balanced agenda, looking at both at the business-, process- and solution side of effecient product configuration and variant management.

We also asked for feedback on what type of activities we should plan for besides the presentations. The majority voted for roundtable- and plenary discussions, time for networking and informal discussions and a dinner after the seminar. Further social activities and a system vendors exhibition are not prioritized by most respondents.

We will take this feedback into account in our futher efforts in planning this and future seminars.