PLM-seminar at Gardermoen: Product Configuration and Variant Management

Based on input from a survey among PLM-professionals in the Nordics, Infuseit hosted the seminar "Product Configuration and Variant Management" at Gardermoen, November 26th.

We recognize this as one of the most challenging areas within the PLM-domain, critical to the success of companies in times where cost efficiency and flexibility is more important than ever. Product platforms, modularization and mass-customization are some of the key concepts best-in class companies need to cope with.

The seminar at Gardermoen was focused at various aspects of this topic, bringing in experiences from several companies that are working in this domain: 

  • Oleg Shilovitsky, PLM-blogger and advisor: "How the idea of single BoM can fit variants and configuration management"
  • Björn Wilhelmsson, Alfa Laval "Product architecture - the vital link between PDM, ERP and sales configuration"
  • Tom Nordgård, FMC Technologies: "Product standardization, modularization and re-use in a project oriented business"
  • Olle Danielsson, GE Healthcare: "PLM support for Product Configuration in a highly regulated industry"

The agenda is available here.