Copenhagen 2014

Jos Voskuil

Jos Voskuil, also known as the PLM blogger "the Virtual Dutchman", has more than 20 years experience in the world of PDM and PLM. He is often the interface between all stakeholders involved in a PLM implementation. Using his experience of implementing and leading PLM implementations, Jos has worked as an advisor both for implementation teams on how to plan and run PLM projects and CxOs on what their PLM vision and strategy should be.

Presentation topic:

PLM is changing – Looking at the future

Current PLM systems still depend on users building a structured context for their data, not knowing in advance what is relevant for future consumers of their data. With Generation Z depending solely on fast connections and unchallenging usability, this has got to change and Jos Voskuil will discuss the era of Modern PLM and its implications.

  • Understanding ‘Modern PLM’ as a mixture of big data and classical PLM structured data
  • Are initial stages of PLM implementation now more about connecting data versus inputting of data?
  • What are the differences between structured and unstructured PLM data?
  • How can organisations save resources adopting an unstructured data approach?
  • What are the implications of an unstructured approach in forming a more dynamic and trending business strategy?
  • How have the people had to evolve to support this culture change?